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Support the American cancer society today!

Join one of our monthly socials here in the Dallas, Forth Worth Metroplex. 



Giving Gals provides an opportunity for women to meet new friends, socialize, spread kindness and have fun while supporting their favorite causes every month!

How it works:

Giving Gals will select a monthly location for Happy Hour.   Bring a $10 donation for the monthly 503(c)(3) charitable cause.  You will also place a card with your chosen cause in the Giving Jar.  Before the end of our social we will select the next months charity from the Giving Jar!  All month long that charity will be featured on our website with a link to make donation directly to that charity and the following months Happy Hour will be hosted in honor of that cause!

100% of ALL money collected will go directly to our monthly Giving Gals 503(c)(3) charity!